Week 13

Day 88

As I was driving today I saw the most gorgeous sunset I’ve ever seen.

I was sitting on top of a hill, and below was a valley filled with the  colours fall. Orange and yellow leaves stuck out among the barren trees near the sparkling blue river. A shadow fell on the opposite hill making the mountains in the distance more majestic than ever before. In fact it was one of those rare moments when the Rockies appear purple. Purple, which usually represents mystery, majesty, and royalty. Purple – a fitting colour. An orange sky protruded behind it. Orange usually the colour of joy, strength and endurance. Majesty, royalty, clothed by joy, strength and endurance. Streaks of hot pink cut through the perfect blue sky on my right. Pink is the colour of breast cancer, and even the sky remembered that is was breast cancer awareness month. On my left purple clouds covered the horizon. I stared for a moment, and it was breath-taking. Truly awe inspiring. Then the red head lights of the car in front of me reminded me to watch the road not the scenery. And the moment passed. Down into the valley the mountains disappeared not to return that day.

As I watched that scene, I remembered why I began this blog in the first place; to intentionally seek out the beauty that surrounds us everyday. I will not put a picture up today. Instead, go out and find your own beauty that you can see, touch, feel, smell, and maybe even taste! Enjoy that moment, capture it, memorize it, and remember it was created just for you.

Remember, each day presents a least one moment that can take your breath away if you let it.


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