Week 1

Day 7

Week 1 ~ My Favourites

Day 7 ~ My Favourite Song Not on my iTunes Top 25: Where I Stood by Missy Higgins

Why this song isn’t on my Top 25 well can only be explained by a computer crash. And as to why I love this song . . . Missy sings with feeling and deep understanding and I love the music. But as I mentioned before I’m a word person. When I stumbled upon this song these lyrics stuck out to me “I don’t know if I like what I’ve begun / Something told me to run / And honey, you know me / It’s all or none / There were sounds in my head / A little voices whisperin’ / That I should go and this should end . . .” 8 months later I listened and quit university and found out who I am. The song has stuck with me every since.

To watch the official video click here.

To go to Missy’s website click here.

If you need it may God grant you the strength to say no and leave. If not may you enjoy Missy Higgins!

Luv, M


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