And I’m Back! . . . Maybe, We’ll See How It Goes . . .

Well, a few months has turned into roughly 5 years. Somehow I find myself back here at a loss as to what to say  . . . when I left this blog I was struggling so much with everyday life tasks due to my chronic medical condition. In the past five years things got worse and then slowly, every so slowly better. Better being a relative term as I’m still along ways from being semi-normal let alone completely healed.

But I’m here again, not really sure why I even started typing this morning. But I’ve got these songs stuck in my head and thought we’ll that’s a fun new project. Especially as I never did get to finish my last song project.

So with no planning and completely on a whim, I think I’m going to maybe, possibly, we’ll-see-how-it-goes start weekly posting about songs in my head.

So look tomorrow for Week 1! Follow and Comment Below!


PS If any of you are curious as to what else I have done recently check out: msbedtimestories.wordpress.com or my podcast M’s Bedtime Stories on SoundCloud or iTunes!



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