Songs In My Head

Songs In My Head – Week 2

Do you ever have those days when a certain song comes into your head at the exact right moment? That little nudge of “This is what you need. Sincerely, Your Intuition”?

That happened to me this week. In a moment of self discovery when amidst the Christmas busyness, I sat with my journal and breathed. Long deep breaths, then journaled until what I needed showed up on the page. While I am well on track for Christmas, assuming everything shows up on time, I had abandoned my creativity for the season. I don’t do well emotionally, mentally, even physically, when I am not nurturing my creativity. So in spite of being ‘on top’ of Christmas, I felt like I was running away or hiding in all the Christmas activities instead of really enjoying them. I was making sure everyone else was OK for Christmas and once again ignoring my own needs.

So in my quiet moment of resting and rejuvenating through creativity “Heaven” by OneRepublic played over and over in my head. For me, today in this moment, taking time to rejuvenate and nourish myself creatively well that is “Heaven”.

I couldn’t find an official video of the song, but to listen to “Heaven” on YouTube click the link:

For OneRepublic’s official website click here:

I know this song may not lyrically make perfect sense, but a song is more than lyrics, it’s music and rhythm and feeling. For me this was how I felt today, the music that suited my mood. What music suits your mood today or keeps playing in your head? Comment below!




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