Songs In My Head

Songs In My Head – Week 7

Well with “La La Land” getting 14 Oscar nominations yesterday it seems only fitting that “Someone In the Crowd” has been in my head all week. To me “Someone In The Crowd” is just that fun upbeat song you can sing-along to in the car or dancing around your bedroom.

The second song that has been in my head all week is “Castle” sung by Halsey. I first heard this song as the credits rolled for “The Huntsmen: Winter’s War”. It is now one of my favourite writing songs. As I listen to it I sit up a little straighter, walk with more purpose and enter into character. Then madly write while my muse is still about.

To listen to “Someone In The Crowd” click this link:

Once again for the official website of “La La Land” click this link:

For the official music video to Halsey’s “Castle” click this link:

For Halsey’s official website click this link:

So what’s been playing in your head this week?




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