Songs In My Head

Songs In My Head – Week 9

On a high tonight as I write this, because I have just finished a poem! I don’t know if I can ever describe the high that comes from finishing a hard borne piece of art. (Which is a little redundant as all art is hard borne.) I had been working on this poem describing one of the deep wounds and desires of my heart and my story. It was hard to face and even harder to remember all I’ve been through. So when I was finished I felt so “Satisfied”.  Which just happens to be a song from the musical “Hamilton”. So in my glee I pulled out my book “Hamilton: The Revolution” and flipped to the page with the lyrics to “Satisfied” and attempted to sing along.

In the song, Angelica Schuyler is recounting the night she met Alexander Hamilton – the night she and her sister Eliza fell in love with Hamilton. (Her sister Eliza married him, as the song explains.) It is an amazing song full of passion, heart ache, cool and calm thinking and a fast rap. It has always been one of my secret goals to be able to keep up and actually sing/rap “Satisfied” – thus it’s been in my head all week.

For a video of “Satisfied” complete with colour coded lyrics click this link:

For the official website for “Hamilton” click this link:

Good luck trying to sing along this week!




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