Songs In My Head

Songs In My Head – Week 13

“If I Told You” by Darius Rucker deserves this week’s slot just based on the number of times I pressed repeat today alone. I have long loved Darius Rucker’s voice and when he sings a song with his whole soul you feel it. There are moments of that in “If I Told You”.

Originally, I was going to write I didn’t know why this song was in my head this week. However, the truth is that question “”If I Told You” what would you do?” is exactly what I’ve ben asking myself all week. If I told these pieces of my heart, what would ‘[insert name here]’ do? If I was really honest what would happen? “Could you love me anyways?”

This week I had a few moments of bravery when I wrote the thing I needed to say to heal no matter the consequences. While I did it I listened to “If I Told You” on repeat. With each playing giving me another dose of  courage to acknowledge the next part that needs to heal. Here’s hoping it gives you the same!

To watch the official video for “If I Told You” click this link:

To go to Darius Rucker’s official website click this link:



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