Songs In My Head – Week 14

I’m not even sure I listened to a single other song all week. I must have turned on the radio at some point while driving . . . maybe?

Anyways, this week’s Song In My Head is the most deserving of the title yet. “You’re Gonna Be Ok” by Brian and Jenn Johnson is the beautiful song that has sent me into a meditative state every time I hear it. Playing nearly exclusively on repeat this week, this song has transported God’s peace into everything I have done. I’m not sure I could have gotten through the week without it. So without further ado here is how you can listen to it:

For the official audio of “You’re Gonna Be Ok” click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjF9IqvXDjY

For more info on Brian and Jenn Johnston’s album “After All These Years” click this link: https://bethelmusic.com/albums/after-all-these-years/

And above all remember, “You’re Gonna Be Ok”. Whatever this week may bring, “You’re Gonna Be Ok” too!



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