About Songs In My Head

This website “An Everyday Beauty” began with a simple thought – everyday there is something beautiful to discover beyond my bed. Having chronic pain for over ten years now, that was a thought that helped me move beyond the pain and enjoy being part of the world.

Well, the pain is getting better! Slowly, very very slowly. But something that has gotten me through the good, the bad, and the unspeakable is music. Music heightens my emotions, gives words and harmonies to feelings I have not yet been able to express, and more often that not sparks inspiration for my own art – mainly writing. So I’m trying for the next year or so to share those songs that keep running through my head, along with a brief insight into why.

Hopefully through this process you will find some new music that speak to your soul, spark your own imagination, and makes you feel understood or at least a little less alone. And if that happens through these songs or one running through your head – please let me know by commenting below! For it is always better to enjoy the beauty of the world together.